Honors Program

The Honors Program is designed for students who love to learn. Are you a student who goes above and beyond on required assignments? Have you ever asked a teacher for further reading on a topic? Do you sometimes find yourself wishing that a class wouldn’t end, but that you could inquire more deeply into the subject? If so, Honors might be for you.

Academics and Research

The Baylor Honors Curriculum begins with a First Year Seminar followed by two semesters of Great Texts courses. After these introductory classes, students take a variety of other Honors classes, both within and outside their majors. The Honors Program curriculum culminates in a “Senior Thesis.” For the thesis project, each student works with a mentor who guides him or her in choosing and pursuing a research question. By the end of the senior year, students will have produced and defended a substantial piece of original research. Many people tell us that this is the most challenging and rewarding part of their college experience.

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Honors Program faculty hail from a variety of academic fields, including political science, English, medical humanities, and biology. Faculty members challenge students in seminar style classes, usually comprised of ten to fifteen students. Perhaps most importantly, Honors faculty give their students close personal attention and serve as mentors during their time at Baylor.

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